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Show Ribbon In Powerpoint 2010


I have been a heavy Microsoft user for around 15 years and would consider myself pretty proficient in Word, Excel and Ppt. It's wonderful to find a group of like-minded users. After 9 months use, I still find Windows 2010 counter-intuitive and rue the day it was launched (btw, Powerpoint is by far the worst of the three). Do You Like This Post? this content

Shawn O'Hern Monday, April 30, 2012 Deleting… Approving… > True, but they could be planning for a future release. The nice part about this is that every now and then I get to show off something that’s really cool to impress everyone in the room. And dialogs like Format Cells are STILL modal, which in my opinion, is inexcusable. The ribbon is a major productivity bottleneck.

Show Ribbon In Powerpoint 2010

It's a big step up from the old one, which was markedly inferior to the view offered in Apple's Keynote. I strongly suspect that MS realized this and decided it was a better bet not to provide an alternative to the Ribbon. There are some features that are in places other than where I'd expect them to be, and I have a considerable amount of skill with Office and MS products.

Category CloudBe careful Blogging Business Celebration Computers Copyediting Ebooks Errors Ethics Excel Facebook Guest posts Jobs Language use Localisation Marketing New skills Newsletters Organisation PowerPoint proofreading Prosopagnosia Punctuation Reading Reference materials Choose Open With, Choose Default Program. Why force me to *re-learn* where everything is? How To Make Home Tab Default In Excel 2016 They used real-world data to back up their theories by collecting instrumentation from customer installs, and doing site visits and usability studies.

For example, in the home tab, I rarely use STYLES and could probably get my FONT and PARAGRAPH icons down to one row… I must say I am enjoying the Office How To Make Home Tab Default In Excel 2013 Restart Windows. But this is Microsoft's flagship productivity suite--maybe that's not surprising. Give me Office 2003 any day of the week.

They will either revert to the older version or go to a competitor's software (as I have experienced with our clients). How To Make Home Tab Default In Word 2013 The 1% can use OpenOffice if they want and feel superiour, the 99% just want to compose a report, attach it to an email sent to their supervisor, and not hear My suggestion would be to only use it as the new logo for Office Starter, because it does look younger and like a growing bloom but nothing like "collaboration" or "diversity". Meh.Solution: Dropbox has a script that you can run that will add a Dropbox location to the list of cloud locations.

How To Make Home Tab Default In Excel 2013

Until then, stick with the damn tip. There's nothing more annoying than when I see an application that has a Ribbon with a single tab, and it is half empty! Show Ribbon In Powerpoint 2010 Home Discuss Jobs About A part of Joel on Software RSS Feed * The Business of Software A former community discussing the business of software, from the smallest shareware operation to Make Home Tab Default In Word 2010 I prefer Windows Xp with classic start menu.

I guess the only way to know for sure is to mock up your application and do some user testing.Related to that, does anyone know the current licensing status of the news Scorpio Thursday, April 26, 2012 Deleting… Approving… Even Windows Explorer is going to have a Ribbon in Windows 8. If that's what you're proposing, then I'd concede that this would've been a smart idea. It's not fair to judge beta software on performance, and so I'm going to enter a no-judge zone here to say that typing text into Word on this beta felt kind Display Rulers In Word 2010

Right-click any tab, choose Customize the Ribbon. How do I hide the Windows taskbar? At least with Paint, there were so few menu items, that the Ribbon was just like leaving every menu and dialog box open permanently. have a peek at these guys My productivity at work has fallen sharply in Office 2007 as I hunt for features I can not longer easily find.

It makes me sad and I hate it. Auto Hide Ribbon Word 2013 This is a ridiculous waste of my time and my productivity levels have fallen off a cliff. Not that getting a license to use the Fluent UI gives you any kind of legal protection, but you can indicate somewhere that you licensed the UI for your program.

Sorry, a bit off topic.

Other recent topics Powered by FogBugz Home Windows Mac Os X Linux iOS Android Windows Phone Web Office Tip Us Search Hide/Minimize Ribbon In Office 2010 For To be more familiar with the Ribbon concept see msdn article. If you're trying to write, write, write, you might want to remove all distractions. How To Hide Ribbon In Word For them the comment previously posted is particlary true, it's the cost of lost productivity for often highly paid staff that is the issue for business.

All of these apps won't be finalized before sometime this summer, so there's plenty of time for improvement. Indeed this is one of the many reasons why we love Microsoft Office team more and more with every release. For adding a button to make Office work almost as well as it used to before the stupid ribbon was invented? check my blog I prefer to use Dropbox or Google Docs, rather than SkyDrive, for cloud storage.

As someone who used to spend endless hours battering manuscripts into shape in Word, it's nice to see support for chained comments rather our old tried-and-true methods of adding comments on Howard Ness Monday, April 30, 2012 Deleting… Approving… Howard Ness: "Gone to UI hell along with MDI."What is wrong with MDI? If they had simplified the menus and instead of cascading menus, opened up floating tabbed wizards related to the task at hand, I would have been happier. Isn't there already enough orange branding in Microsoft products like Bing, Windows Live, Windows 7 apps?

No further replies will be accepted. Reply Michael Hattem says: December 7, 2009 at 11:05 pm I really like the idea of an option to make the ribbon vertical. Not even the double-stacked rows of toolbars on the Home tab can weigh things down. If you read the license, MS can come along and tell you to rewrite your GUI at any time; maybe they don't like your app, or you're "doing it wrong" or

I am a long time Office user (Excel in particular). Had MS provided a native classic GUI alternative to the Ribbon, would the Ribbon wither and die on the vine? The new Word has a slow but almost always serviceable PDF viewing capability.

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