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Lenovo Y50 Throttlestop Settings


Accessories As it is typical for the ROG-series, the box also includes a micro fiber cloth and some zip ties besides the power adaptor, the usual manuals and warranty information. By decent graphics I mean GPU that can run modern 3D AAA games at playable framerates (30-60+ fps) with at least 1080p resolution on high quality settings. Play a problematic game and give us the temps as well the temps when the pc has been doing nothing for over 10 minutes. The viewing angle stability leaves nothing to be desired. Source

The exact name is still unknown: it may stay the confusingly same GTX 965M, or get Ti or MX suffix. New reviews for Asus G752VY, Asus G752VT, Aorus X7 Pro (G-Sync), Dell XPS 15 9550, Clevo P751DM, Clevo P670RG, Razer Blade 2015, MSI GE62 QF, Gigabyte P37X v5. Apparently these would be just higher-clocked versions of their corresponding 800 series Maxwell GPUs with only modest performance gains (still just GM107 and GM108 chips). If power bricks were blowing up because of ThrottleStop, it will be easy to find unhappy users.

Lenovo Y50 Throttlestop Settings

The 4710 is suposed to be safe up to 100 degrees so... Gigabyte put up a product page for P34W v3. Power Consumption Off / Standby 0.1 / 0.3 WattIdle 6.2 / 10.3 / 12.2 Watt Load 77 / 105 Watt Key: min: , med: , max: Voltcraft VC 940 Battery New reviews of Alienware 13 R3, Alienware 17 R4, Razer Blade 2016, MSI GS63VR.

June 1st, 2015 Computex 2015 news I: Nvidia launched new high-end desktop GTX 980 Ti GPU. Now while i'm playing my CPU temperatures are 70-75C. So far only the highest-end new desktop AMD GPUs are known to use new Fiji chips and HBM memory. Lenovo Y50 Cooling Mod The faster GDDR5-RAM model does have a slightly lower core clock of 914 instead of 993 MHz (Boost: 1,124 MHz), but is still 10 up to 20% faster.

Exclusive to Lenovo users, Hightail is offering users 5GB of free storage. New reviews for MSI GS40, Clevo P640RE. Keywords: overheating, throttling, heat, noise, weird anomalies in benchmarks. 4. in theory.

It is your laptop. Throttlestop 7 It is supposed that the turbo frequency of this processor is 3600MHz (1 core), 3500 MHz (2 cores), 3400 MHz (3 or 4 cores), so I wonder which would be the The Lenovo Y50 is a lean gaming machine, but you'll want to spend just a bit more for the best experience. It was so annoying that I had to crank the palm-rejection slider to maximum levels to counteract the problem.

Lenovo Y50 Throttling

RedKey 10 posts RedKey Ignored May 29 Copy URL View Post I think someone found a tomporally solution. click When I played the video game "The Wolf Among Us," the Y50 did well showing off the deep magentas and blacks, and I saw every worry line on Sheriff Bigby Wolf's Lenovo Y50 Throttlestop Settings However, the keys felt somewhat shallow; I expect more feedback from a gaming notebook. Lenovo Y50 Gpu Throttling Try cleaning out your laptop with some compressed air by opening it up an blowing into the vent and into the fan a lot (do keep the fan from spinning fast

Cinebench R15 creates a reasonably realistic CPU load. this contact form The curious thing is that the default Set Multiplier that appeared at the moment I run the program the first time was 38 T. A big part of this impression is a result of the great display, the great input devices and well as the good performance.Probably even more interesting: If we had evaluated the Firefox vs. Lenovo Y50-70 Throttling

The thing is, enabling high performance mode makes it even worse. It still falls behind by 17 up to 21% in PCMark 7, which should mainly be a result of the mentioned Turbo issues. MSI GS60 Ghost also got a new GTX 965M model. have a peek here December 3rd, 2014 New reviews for MSI GS70, MSI GS60.

real weight can differ from what manufacturers say). Overclock Lenovo Y50 Disregard my comment. The Y50's biggest crime against my eyes was the shallow viewing angles.

The email address is in the About box of ThrottleStop and you can find that by right mouse clicking on the Notification Area icon.

That model also packs a 2.4-GHz Intel Core i7-4700HQ processor with 16GB of VRAM; a 1TB, 5,400-rpm hard drive with an 8GB SSHD; an Intel HD 4600 GPU; and an Nvidia October 28th, 2016 Apple refreshed MacBook Pro line. Added preliminary reviews section for upcoming GTX 965M notebooks. Download Throttlestop This will not be sufficient for professional graphics artist since the much wider AdobeRGB color space is "only" covered by 64%, which is an average result for modern and good IPS

First CPUs should be out sometime in Q3 2015. The laptop either has a layer of dust in front of the vent or when the hdd got replaced someone loosend the cooler a bit and now it's no longer properly While pricier, I'd much prefer the $1,699 MSI GS60 Ghost, which weighs an even lighter 4.2 pounds and has a much better display.If you want to stick with Lenovo, the $1,299 Check This Out It also packs a DVD burner, which unfortunately does not read Blu-rays.

August 31st, 2016 More notebooks with Pascal GPUs should be coming: Gigabyte Aero 14 will get GTX 1060 refresh sometime later this year (October-December 2016). I look for notebook with 13-15 inch display, with at least 1080p resolution (do not ever accept less). yourKyleFeb 4, 2017, 2:15 PM Hey people!I bought this laptop about a year and a half ago. New reviews for Asus G751JY, HP Omen, Alienware 13, Aorus X7 Pro.

MSI launched new GE62 and GE72 Apache models (no official info on GPUs but leaks point to GTX 965M / 970M). Also found on the company's IdeaCentre Horizon tablets, StageLight lets musicians create tracks using preinstalled beats and rhythms. The red-and-black speakers easily filled my small testing area with loud sound and crisp detail. I can sacrifice battery life though, most of the times I work with power plugged in (battery life vs fast graphics is trade-off, you can't have both).

New products from MSI unlikely at least till Computex expo on June 2-6, 2015. Avoid doing this if you do not know what you are doing.

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