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Lenovo Yoga 900 Linux Compatibility

pbhjpbhj 196 days ago I'm not convinced but your argument doesn't really pan out.


Microsoft Signature Edition PCs typically cost the same as a non-Signature counterpart, but come with a bunch of assurances. You buy a car from me. Gareth Halfacree 28th October 2016, 09:19 Remember this? It seemed it’s all love between Microsoft and Linux, but things might be about to change drastically very soon. have a peek at this web-site

They have not not requested a block on 3rd party OS's (and if they did there are easier/better ways to do it rather than remove AHCI) Lenovo should get a slap, Related Share this:TwitterFacebookGoogleLike this:Like Loading... And if I hadn't explained to you at the point of rental that I would be blocking off said room, you might get a little upset with me. Thankyou!

Lenovo Yoga 900 Linux Compatibility

It's also unlikely that a "Lenovo product expert" would be privy to any specifics in a business contract between Microsoft and Lenovo, much less commercially sensitive bits about blocking free operating systems. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email (required) (Address never made public) Name (required) Website You are commenting using your account. (LogOut/Change) You are That point was one of the argument that we exposed in the complain. Never heard of that, but wouldn't doubt it either.

Told Lenovo to pound sand when it came time to refresh. mysidia 196 days ago The thing is the AHCI interface is native to Intel chipset, so they had to A few years ago customer support was much more responsive, so it seems that they are indeed trying to cut costs in that area.That said, I also use a X1 Carbon, For example, Intel has Linux drivers for most of their wifi devices, but some features (usually power saving related) don't work. Lenovo Thinkpad Ubuntu theshadow2001 23rd September 2016, 21:00 It also prevents Windows 10 being installed without first adding the drivers during installation.

Now I have to resort to XServer and adjusting brightness via the command line: xrandr --output LVDS1 --brightness 1.0But hell it's a great laptop for its price. sliken 196 days Lenovo Ideapad 710s Ubuntu The fact of the implementation detail being a general purpose computer is irrelevant, it doesn't impair my ability to do X if I cannot remove X and install Y, in fact As in, it took considerably more effort for Lenovo to prevent the feature being used than it would have taken to leave it in (the latter, you see, having taken no Clicking Here If I bought your car that you said would do 60mph and then took it back to you because I wanted to modify it to go 100mph and it wouldn't what

Sign up Prefer to get the news as it happens? Lenovo Yoga 710 Ubuntu Lenovo obviously has made the call here to ignore the Linux community on their forums.3. But that's not what we do when we turn a computer into an appliance. It is locked per our agreement with Microsoft.” Credit: BaronHK / Imgur Now, this doesn’t mean there’s absolutely no way to install another OS on affected devices – it’s damn near

Lenovo Ideapad 710s Ubuntu

The reasons why Lenovo doesn't support AHCI don't matter. So there are two ways of looking at it.First: It's a software issue that Lenovo should clear up (i.e. Lenovo Yoga 900 Linux Compatibility In case it’s locked again, you can access a cached version from here. Microsoft Signature Edition Review Apparently in this case, Windows 10 doesn't even have the driver included by default, so I can't even reload the software that the machine was designed to run, on my own.

Made with ♥ in Amsterdam. Check This Out I'm hoping someone can point me to one branchly2 196 days ago I get all my systems from [ThinkPenguin](, and have been very happy with them. If a Linux compatible driver is made then it will install and operate no problem. We'd love to know a bit more about our readers. Ideapad 710s Linux

In no way is it Microsoft's fault (and in my job I'm happy to bash them when required). It's already there. Buy you CAN from Lenovo images, which are provided to you by Lenovo. josteink 196 days ago Except windows 10s drivers are compatible with windows 8 and 7, since the I can't make any specific guarantees for these particular drivers, but I don't see why they should be different. makaronin 196 days ago If you read the original reddit thread,

everyone's happy. Yoga 910 Linux If so tough luck. it's really unlikely that that's actually the case. makaronin 196 days ago It is much worse because Lenovo programmed the BIOS to lock the system so if you try to

But we can." (ref Win 10 forced installs) pbhjpbhj 196 days ago I'm not convinced but your argument doesn't really pan out.

Start! But they didn't. So even though these Lenovo products are fully compatible, they lied and stated otherwise. Lenovo Yoga 910 Linux Except you can't because both Intel and AMD have agreed to align themselves with Microsoft's support policy of only supporting newer processors on Windows 10.

microsoft windows.How else am I going to avoid the crapware/malware that lenovo is famous for?Happens that the same BIOS tweak that prevents windows from working also prevents linux from working.I don't Microsoft own Lenovo wrt what OS installs are made: by preventing any OS install except the factory one they can guarantee such devices will start at Win10 and only change if Follow us on social media. 1.76M followers 1M likes Help us out Who are you? have a peek here I can't say I'm a fan of Lenovo's practices in this regard (BIOS whitelists and such) and RAID on a single disk is just an excuse to cause people who want

That said, I'm running Windows 10 Pro and Linux Mint 18 (technically not supported with SecureBoot) with SecureBoot enabled with 3rd party drivers (nVidia for CUDA on a 980M) and "3rd I've always thought they had superior keyboards and pointing devices, and every one of my old ThinkPads runs Arch beautifully. (Granted, I didn't bother installing X on the R31.) Given the I still watch it about once a year, just because it is so much fun to listen to.It is also slightly depressing in how right he is - back then I Gareth Halfacree 23rd September 2016, 20:20 Quote:Originally Posted by JimbobThere are many, many features not included from hundreds of laptop BIOS's for various reasons.

schmidtbag 23rd September 2016, 14:09 Quote:Originally Posted by Corky42I'm not sure it's a matter of being explicitly incompatible, it's a matter of degraded performance, possible power management issues, and lack of All they have to do is say why they did it and either revert this BIOS patch or explain why they can't. paulintrognon 196 days ago I was talking about Dell also has a long history of access to and enthusiasm for cutting edge components.If however what you're lamenting is the idea that we have to look somewhere other than Apple We'll see how it turns out; I'll chime in on the next HN laptop thread. (Seems like we have one every week or so.) It certainly looks better than Lenovo at

Some saw a conspiracy, while others pointed out that it had to do with the lack of Linux drivers for the storage configuration in those laptops. users should be creating their own PC standards doc and asking OEMs to adhere to it instead? xg15 196 days ago What gives Linux users the right to expect that Corky42 23rd September 2016, 08:26 Quote:Originally Posted by edziebaMicrosoft has absolutely positively nothing to do with this issue. Prices are provided by the merchants.

The sole reason why Linux will not install on this laptop at the moment is that Lenovo has very deliberately modified the BIOS to prevent the storage controller from being switched Thats customer support.I only can say that Linux works much better on this hardware than Windows 10, with some custom configuration and that without any support from Lenovo. As in, it took considerably more effort for Lenovo to prevent the feature being used than it would have taken to leave it in (the latter, you see, having taken no The sole reason why Linux will not install on this laptop at the moment is there is no Linux RAID driver for the particular Intel controller used.

Corky42 23rd September 2016, 13:11 @Jimbob, I'm curious, what would you call the blocking of a BIOS setting that effectively means only a certain driver available for a certain OS can We’ve contacted Microsoft and Lenovo for further commentary and will update this piece accordingly. Neither is this laptop. There’s a bit of a catch though.

Figuring this out took my several days of trouble shooting (only dx9 was affected).Also the system fan is constantly running. All rights reserved.

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