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Looking For Close Hardware Matches To Optiplex GX270 & 755 Units

New release and RPM of lcfg-hackparts is made. What and were is the "surge protector"?? I'd worry that it might be my particular 3040, but I've read that Windows 8.1/10 has this issue. Dell Poweredge 850 with SL5 but without serialconsole.h builds successfully with both PXE and CD.

It seems that an RPM (probably one of the fuse ones funnily enough) is adding the group (gid=103) in its postinstall script, but the LCFG auth component doesn't have it listed. Dell Poweredge 850 with SL5 and lcfg/options/serialconsole.h failed to build from CD - output stopped as soon as the kernel found the serial port. Media errors. I'm out of ideas.

I wrote a guide explaining what to look for and how to do it. Thank you all. Pingback: It's all Good. » Good As I Wanna Be bigtex September 11, 2008 at 12:10 am Reply I have a Dimension 5150 and this happened to Does not support 45nm processors Bios in MT correctly identifies and runs Xeon X3220 USB 2.0 x8 330 (Late 2007) Intel G31 Express Chipset Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Pentium Dual Should we even bother to make an installroot running SL5, if the FC6 one works so well?

A reboot worked fine. Removing components is not an option. I neeed to remove policycoreutils and audit-libs-python which depend on kernel-headers (no RPM for them). When you decide on the parts give us the list.

No PS/2. 210L Intel 915GV Pentium 4 or Celeron 533/800MHz DDR2, 2 DDR2 400/DDR2 533 desktop or minitower integrated Intel Graphic Media Accelerator 900. I had the same amber light problem and tried everything - unplugging USB devices, checking USB pins, surge protector off an don, etc. Dead.    no warranty Any help is appreciated.  kind regards, Geert "When plugged in the light is orange" AC adapter is connected and battery is charging Solid amber color = Computer is ON Breathing So, if $root is / and $modconf is /etc/modprobe.conf then $root/$modconf will be ///etc/modprobe.conf, no?

Time to test the install procedure we've been working on ... Very strange and… might be annoying for some. Don't give up!! Jimmy December 23, 2008 at 8:58 pm Reply I had this problem with my uncle’s Dimension 5100. Ugh.

Pressing the power button did nothing, but I did notice the green motherboard light in the back was still on. So I am needing help to restore it from start up. I'm just wondering if there's any "hidden" *** that might have been tinkered with due to the (imo, ILLEGAL) installation of Windows 10 and the subsequent downgrading to Windows 7 (which Once the 25 conflicts were all sorted out, the next attempt threw up 8 conflicts.

I think that starting from scratch would be so much fun so im kind of leaning towards that. In our recent review of the A8-3850, we found the general execution part of the chip to be slower than Sandy Bridge, but its integrated graphics core was significantly faster as The power light flashed quickly and then the computer booted. He has already written most of the release notes.

This one has me stumped. I thought winzip could do it... This being a Friday afternoon, I'm not going to start mucking about with the configuration of the main network infrastructure servers! 06 September 2007 We're not yet having the same success I am very glad to have found this website.

USB 2.0 x8 SX280 915G Pentium 4 or Celeron 533/800MHz DDR2 DDR2 400 Ultra Small Form 8.9cm (3.5inches), 36.1cm (14.2inches), 26.4cm (10.375inches) DVI-I port. Panos has already put the FC6 installroot kernel into the SL5 installroot and found that it understands how to boot from a CD. 03 September 2007 Trying today to create a Aj January 14, 2011 at 12:29 pm Reply Your cmos battery is bad.

I thought I had beaten it when I replaced the 3V battery, untill I pushed the power button in, then the blinking started again.

I had the orange blinking light and no lights came up at the back (ABCD status indicator). Curt David January 30, 2008 at 4:42 pm Reply Thanks for this informative thread! ed

0 0 05/28/16--17:26: Power Supply Fan constantly running -- PLEASE HELP! Test.. 4.- Remove all expansion cards.

And tonight I thought it finally had me. There's no reason we couldn't just use the FC6 installroot kernel for the SL5 installroot. Alastair tells me that the separate /var/cache/afs/ partition is a DICE level thing and isn't created for inf or lcfg level machines (fetlar is inf level). Googled & found you guys.

I burned a CD and tried to reboot. I also had a malfunctioning CD drive on fetlar. I checked the back for bent USB, I didn't see anything. What gets a little more complicated is messing with the BIOS, overclocking and the likes.

I changed then the entry from /boot/vmlinuz and /boot/initrd.img to /vmlinuz and /initrd and the system booted up normally. Also, the welcome message on the CD declares the release to be -stable when it should say sl5-develop. HELP !!! Once the installbase stuff is working, we can then try making an sl5 installroot, and getting buildinstallroot working for sl5.

Alastair said that when he tested fstab he usually used an external disk. USB 1.1 x2 GX1p Intel 440BX AGPSet Pentium II 400, 450 or Pentium III 450-600 100MHz SDRAM, 3 PC100 midsize and minitower GC Intel 810e PIII or Celeron 66/100MHz SDRAM, 2 The next day the XPS 18 will not boot and no signal what so ever, with or without power attached. Kenny now has access to the new Dell Optiplex 755 for the next month.

Just posting so that others should start with something so simply. Tried replacing the power supply, tweaking usb pins, blew every spec of dust, surge protector, everything. My other hobby is fishkeeping, and i would like to get another fish tank if i cant afford to upgrade my system. Yes we should, it's a good idea.

The fetlar install has got to the next stage: updaterpms has finished checking dependencies and has consented to start installing packages! And lastly it could be your Motherboard that needs to be replaced.

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