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Microsoft Edge Sandboxing Of External Javascript Code Breaks PrototypeJS

Does anyone know any workaround or do we just have to wait and see if Microsoft will fix this? !!!UPDATE!!! Related JavaScript Angus CrollDecember 5, 2011December 9, 2011 Standard Post navigation Fixing the JavaScript typeofoperatorJavaScript Fat City 54 thoughts on “Extending JavaScript Natives” Daniel15 says: December 5, 2011 at 01:06 Great What if everyone did it? Libs like Sugar concern themselves *only* with augmenting natives, and I think it's reasonable to expect you assign only one lib this role.

ES 5 support is patchy in older browsers, in particular IE version 8 (and earlier), which can be frustrating for developers who want to take advantage of the latest ES 5 Moreover everything in JavaScript is an instance and when we are forced (jQuery-like) to wrap our utilities in static wrappers it plays against the language, trapping our utilities within unintuitive, inverted Four years later, the Ecma-262 committee (inspired by Prototype.js) included Function.prototype.bind in their ES 5 specification. Licenses: MIT License (source code) and CC-BY-SA (documentation)

I just confirmed that the latest Windows 10 Cumulative Update has fixed the issue. Is there any real reason for Dwarves not to have cavalry? Can someone assist me with trouble shooting this issue?

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Far too many JavaScript how-tos and style guides proclaim (with miraculous certainty) that augmenting native prototypes is an unspeakable evil, while offering little or nothing in the way of substantive evidence Can a military pilot make his airplane invisible for the ATCs? I get the same message

0 0 11/14/13--14:04: File Transfer Manager Not Working on IE 11 - Win7 Contact us about this article Hi Everybody, after the IE11 has been I wonder if it's worth including a note on *why* you need to borrow an Array constructor from an iframe rather than just subclassing Array - Kangax seems to have the

This should make for faster DOM tasks in IE and better introspection across the board. I'll admit that at one point I was fuzzy on the distinction, so any talk of the danger of extending host objects tended to bleed over into my understanding of extending Simple theorems that are instances of deep mathematics Are there any museums or sites in England honouring Isambard Kingdom Brunel? Tuesday, August 18, 2015 2:23 PM Reply | Quote All replies 0 Sign in to vote Hi, To help you better, I suggest you submit a new case on MSDN forum

We shouldn't ask people to follow rules that we can't explain or propose actions that we can't defend. var competitors = []; var results = {'Mary':'23:16', 'Ana':'21:19', 'Evelyn':'22:47'}; for (var prop in results) { results.hasOwnProperty(prop) && competitors.push(prop); } competitors; //["Mary", "Ana", "Evelyn"] Second, ES 5 allows properties to be Unfortunately for Prototype.js users, the new ES 5 standard required additional functionality, which was not supported by the elegantly simple Prototype.js version — for example ES 5 specifies that when a Always bail when methods are defined. 5.

Reply Mathias Bynens says: December 5, 2011 at 08:51 Nice write-up, as usual! Prototype.js and Mootools did not break the web; far from it. NOTE: It's not all a bed of roses. Privacy statement  © 2017 Microsoft.

If it does, then it knows to link that with a parent class's function. have a peek at these guys Such objects are not well defined by any standard (the W3C standards — including HTML5 — merely talk of interfaces for DOM objects but do not require the existence of specific I just confirmed that the latest Windows 10 Cumulative Update has fixed the issue. This isn't a practical solution and will complicate debugging in IE, so I say avoid it altogether… again, same exact point @jdalton made.

I would work from Microsoft Outlook Exchange, but on that system, I cannot attach documents to an email. Hey! That gives developers a sandbox to play in. check over here Reply Anton Suprun says: December 12, 2011 at 01:18 Finally!

Reply Pingback: Estendendo nativos do JavaScript | F2 - Sistemas Pingback: Crear funciones javascript y jquery | Articulame jonathanelano says: April 25, 2012 at 04:35 The argument about whether or not Not extending the native classes is a bit like being told to embrace C++ or Java but to "avoid all that class stuff-it'll just get you into trouble." (Multiple-inheritance in C++, Thanks for the informative article!

The non-pared down version of my page (not shown here) is working fine in Chrome, but there are some issues in Firefox (though no error on the console)...

The wholesale rewrite let us consolidate repetitive code tasks into new convenience methods. But I figure I can solve this issue and then try to figure out what is happening with Firefox. I can't find anything about this on the internet. every object whose prototype is not explicitly null) will lose access to the extended property if they happen to define a property with the same name: Object.prototype.archive = function() { //etc..

The solution offered, by going to search and dragging the Icon from the internet options offered is not possible as the Icon is not to be found. This may affect you if you use Form.serialize or Hash#toQueryString. Thanks. @jonathan agree 100% @andrew Going to go back and look at sugar.js some more (I looked at it briefly when it first came out). this content In your "extending Object.prototype" section you should mention that extending Object.prototype can and does cause bugs/errors in libs/frameworks.

For more on the perils of extending DOM objects see this fine article by @kangax. It seems like the ES committee could just say they'll never create a new method or property that starts with say underscore (_). When i am at our ftp site and i go to "page" and then go to "Open ftp site in windows explorer" i get the error message "This site cannot be Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Microsoft Edge sandboxing of external Javascript code breaks Prototype Ask Question up vote 3 down vote favorite What Microsoft Edge is doing,

So if you were to do a someFunction.toString(), you will get function someFunction() { [native code] } where as in any other browser you would get function someFunction(args, args1) { /*the Reply Michal Kuklis says: December 5, 2011 at 06:53 another great writeup! Decide carefully whether this is what you want." And then there's one last thing to worry about… 4. For subclasses, prototype does a toString of a function to see if it has "$super" as its first argument.

While Prototype.js and MooTools did not break the web in a doomsday sense, various versions have broken native JSON (among other things) on pages which, still today, cause headaches and lost The result is the same interface to your dom elements, with normalized functions that protect against cross-browser inconsistencies, along with massive efficiencies in memory consumption with very little performance loss. If you choose to participate, the online survey will be presented to you when you leave the Technet Web site.Would you like to participate? Browse other questions tagged javascript security prototypejs sandbox microsoft-edge or ask your own question.

Many great JavaScript projects were built on the shoulders of these frameworks and Prototype's pioneering extensions created the cow paths which ES 5 subsequently paved to the benefit of the entire If you ever get some free time to check out the project I'd love to hear some feedback from you. For instance, we've minimized the amount of arbitrary property-setting on DOM nodes, opting instead to use our storage methods.

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