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Cross-target multiple target frameworks in one project. Here's how: 1. You could try searching for some of the missing header files that are missing. I have also installed the recent "update3" KB fix. 10 months ago Doncot Minor problem: As of now, when I hit the button for download Visual Studio Community/Enterprise, the eng (English)

I tried doing this as well from the web, but all that it asked was if i wanted to uninstall c++ from my computer. C# and Visual Basic Language Extensions This release introduces support for C# 7.0 and Visual Basic 15 language features, including: For C#: Task-like return types for async methods: this introduces the In these situations, pay attention to the output window, which lists the set of packages that you need to install for projects with missing dependencies. We've improved IntelliSense performance on projects and files not using precompiled headers – an Automatic Precompiled Header will be created for headers in the current file. Dll Download

Node.js Tools for Visual Studio - Updates focused on stability, performance, and overall product quality. Implicit "Module" suffix on modules which share the same name as a type. People use it for widely different things. You just saved me countless more - Thank you, very, very much. :) Microsoft: This sucks and needs fixing.

A work around could be add as nuget package, but we loose the capability to debug. And yes, that's why some people dislike microsoft. I just double-checked and it seems things are configured correctly on our side for the Japanese version of our download pages. Excel A New Editor Based on Roslyn Workspaces (Many new IDE features contributed by the outstanding F# community) IntelliSense Filters and Glyph improvements (by Vasily Kirichenko).

You can now search, follow, vote, and get the latest updates on all feedback you have provided via Visual Studio IDE’s Report a Problem feature. Nuget The problem component is vc_librarycore- it won't actually copy the files because for some reason it thinks that it is trying to patch the files instead and it has no patch I'm not quite sure which step or wich combionation of either really solved the issue, but since Ifound subfolderswithcreation date of my earlier installation in"%ProgramData%\Package Cache" I suspect that remnants there In the about windows.

Better C++14 conformance level, CMake support, build throughput, and productivity in the editor. Dll Download I figured maybe I had to install update 2 first, so I tried that - same result. We support SSH, respect your config options, and show in Team Explorer exactly what you see in the command line. When I launched the IDE for the first time I got a dialog box telling me that the pre-release license had expired. Nuget

So for though, we haven't seen evidence of that yet. this Then, when i start visual studio 2015 a bunch of dialog blah blah like xamarin not loaded, then doing new project the project types tree on the left is empty… Sich… Dll Download Reload the project Now you can re-add the dnx451 framework reference in the project.json files again. Could Not Be Found The very first launch of Visual Studio is at least 50% faster.

Support for the new Go To features (by Vasily Kirichenko). have a peek at these guys Using Visual Studio 2017, you can create .NET Standard libraries, .NET Core apps/libraries, and ASP.NET web projects that use the new csproj format. Struct Discriminated Union support with the [] attribute. For more information, see the Xamarin release notes. Microsoft Office 12.0 Object Library

You should look for potential saboteurs in your own offices! The idea of a "Typical" Visual Studio installation seems misguided. For some reason. check over here Live reload, plugin simulation, and support for Ionic Framework give Visual Studio the fastest developer workflow on the market.

When a solution configuration is activated for the first time it will now be faster and all subsequent activations of this solution configuration will be almost instantaneous. Microsoft Office Developer Tools See my guidance I posted for nevz and Andrei. Semantic highlighting of tokens (by Vasily Kirichenko).

The only options not installed were 3rd-party tools.

Find All References support (by Vasily Kirichenko). Now, the project can be built without errors and warning, but IntelliSense will be non-functional ("IntelliSense: ‘No additional information available'" in the status bar). 10 months ago Tabula Your settings were If you only want to develop .NET Core applications for cross platform use, you can install just the .NET Core and ASP.NET Core tools using the “.NET Core cross-platform development” workload Cannot Find Wrapper Assembly For Type Library Microsoft Office Core Once this is done, save the .msi and close Orca (if you don't close Orca, then you'll get an error in step 7) 7.

Imagine if every dev in the team had to do it. If you’re able to access/see the updated feed files, check line 7 for the following statement: VisualStudioSecondaryInstaller version=320160620.1 9 months ago Matthew Eric, I can't reply to your post C++ IDE Configuration change performance is now better for C++ native projects and much better for C++/CLI projects. this content The work-item form based experience can be enabled by turning on the compatibility mode using Tools | Options.

This addresses the most commonly reported sign in issue. Linux development with C++: see the video Linux Video. Here’s how: 1. The success of F# in Visual Studio 2017 truly would not have been possible without the F# community.

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