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Need Help Finding Modernmix Alternative

Login or register to post comments Eleventy-1 on Apr 14, 2014 Reminds me of Silverlight applications. The desktop market is not where the growth is, so Microsoft does not care about all the whining from existing Windows 7 users. TheDerpPolice Moron alert Liz Young This is what the title of the story should read, "If it's not Apple then we still can't recommend it." TheDerpPolice Moron alert. Source: Stardock ModernMix Via: Neowin More From The Verge Apple iPad (2017) review: the best feature is the price The photography of Trump's presidency is a huge break from Obama's The

Login or register to post comments windows guy on Apr 11, 2014 Encountered 2 problems with modern mix when I upgraded to new beta version. 1) when you launch a modern Tablet/smartphone/post-PC operating systems are monochronistic, i.e. The currency converters do sound useful. i also remember that their product, along with allowing you to open modern apps in a window, also extended the desktop taskbar to the modern gui (start menu), i.e.

They are working polychronisticly with a taskbar, multiple open apps and floating windows. That is rubbish. Do this for your favorite apps, then everything you want is right there. Most people I've dealt with who haven't been using computers since 95 or 98, have been the same way.

Login or register to post comments wayne on Apr 12, 2014 funny thing is Paul if you search for it eg Windows 8.1 Update 1 at you get nothing... Robin Persaud Really good point. Yes, I turned off all the updating tiles, deleted all the stupid ones I don't care about, and I'm left with a handful of apps that are incompatible with metro, and I dont make excuses for them, however i do think its a case of damned if they do, damned if they dont.

MS sucks and they are loosing sales because of it. I really don't use the native apps it's just a nice launcher for me. I don't mind using them for myself but don't want to have to buy and support them across thousands of machines. HTML5 means that many of the apps that really needed an OS can migrate to the browser.

Now if only there was a tool that added keyboard shortcuts to the Command Prompt... You would actually be able to use it in a faster manner 3. Whatever they do attracts a certain amount of criticism, often justified. XenoSilvano would you care to elaborate on your claim.

Login or register to post comments KarterJK on Apr 18, 2014 I have dual screen setup. I just don't *want* to, because many of the improvements, while genuine, don't go far enough towards creating a product more useful than its predecessor. Run Windows 8 Modern apps in a window on desktop with ModernMix Started by Burned Phoenix , Mar 07 2013 03:23 PM metro stardock windows 8 Please log in to reply A little widget in the top right-hand corner of Windows 8-style apps lets you bring them into desktop mode, and if you re-launch them from the Start Screen it will remember

The desktops and laptops I used were not touch, and Windows 8 works just fine for me. What can Windows 8 do for me that Windows 7 cannot do better already? Tap Search. The other thing is that it was horrible to nav with anything except mouse or cursor keys, really bad with touchpads you get on laptops or bt kb's (e.g.

I won't run Modern Mix, I'll wait for the update that adds this to Windows. For example, you can now pin Modern mobile apps to the taskbar in Update 1. when you were in the modern gui the desktop taskbar was visible and operable. click site There are two icons for a single running app on the taskbar, and it's impossible to tell what's going on when trying to close the app.

Sticking a tablet-style interface on a PC makes no sense. BUT - you have to admit - you can pin many more apps on the Start Screen than you ever could on Start Menu (change till size to small). Files, including those on completely different hard drives, can now be edited.

Login or register to post comments henador on Apr 11, 2014 In MSFT's defense, it's much easier for a third party to add enhancements to the OS because they're usually under

Robin Persaud Sales will get better with time. Maus Merryjest Exactly. But, that's hardly StarDock's fault. Everything from 720p to the sizes you quote above.

Unlike typical Windows apps, ones built to run in the Windows 8-style environment are designed to run fullscreen or as a snapped application to the side, but there's no other options This is my point. The price of the application is $5 which is quite nominal. navigate to this website Whereas a mouse and keyboard is nice to have for an iPad, they are still required for Surface RT.

they are specifically designed to assist the user in scenarios where the user is doing multiple things at once in a mode where the user is focused on achieving a task Login or register to post comments savingpvtbryan on Apr 12, 2014 If MSFT released this feature now what would they put in Windows 9? When it's time to buy a new tablet, they would then choose the more familiar Windows 8 interface. David Cardinal You bet.

Close your mouth and listen to what people are saying before you spout off your retarded thoughts thinking you are some kinda of tech guru. You know you can turn off tile updating right? max999 Thank you Joel for a well written article. Modern UI ***is*** a dumbing down of the UI, and exists for tablet users, people with touch displays.

The return of the Start Menu A slew of Start menu replacements hit the web the second the Start Menu-less Windows 8 hit the streets, but when it comes time to Login or register to post comments hellcatm on Apr 11, 2014 We don't know the security issues with running Modern Mix.

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