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Need Help With Azureus And Vistax64

MR wheeler101 please PLEASE bring the friends list back? Model Behavior LOL, I really didn't mean that. …. Mister .E I would like to say great works guys… but I'm sorry to say that this Update bites. Thank you, very much for listening to what the users actually want.

C:\ 150gb Window Vista x64 D:\ 80gb Windows XP (Wifes OS) E:\? 80gb with Ubuntu Before I installed Ubuntu I could see this hard drive from Vista, and XP, but now wac good work boys johnny b. I have seen it make people change clients for that reason. Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

What issues have you heard/seen? Gary Enriquez Vuze was recommended to me by a friend before as Azureus and I have shared it with my friends and we are all very happy with it. Faster Network, On Your Terms You’ll also notice two changes that will significantly improve the performance of the Vuze HD Network: Default Vuze Homepage: Vuze HD Network is no longer the Hmmmm iTunes with a torrent search - whoopeee - I am sure the non-Mac users are all excited by this but I'm not.

Trancelorddred Great work back to basics allows you to see whats should return and what should be added,bring back friends.The older Vuze HD may have slowed down things but i would Jack De Feo aka MacsterX Vuze has become a clone of the Miro app. I can't get it through MSN or IE. And for those of you who leveraged Friends to take advantage of faster downloads through FriendBoost, expect to see some alternatives for faster downloads in the not so distant future.  Connecting

But did you have to insult us folks who still have a floppy drive attached to their computers? Update this new version so we have back our friends OH, I NEED FIRENDS I DONT THINK U HAVE A FAIR JUDGEMENT OVER THE FRIENDS FEATURE! Join Now Help Remember Me? Thanks to all of you really!

What I wanted was the ability to have more than 15 results per page when browsing. No way to tell which videos are HD or SD. I am really dissapointed about not having friends on VUze anymore! I guess it's back to utorrent or bittorrent.

Major Downfalls portable=good price=not so much platform dependancy=not at all Although portability is an excellent feature, its benefits are far outweighed by Vuze to Go's downfalls, chiefly: platform dependency. try here Jessica Garro Love all the changes except for the fact that you can't sort searches by seeds anymore! GoodBye… Shaaz Hey, I saw a new feature in Vuze, "Offline Downloaders". More importantly, we've optimized the browser integration for search to significantly decrease memory usage.

I just dont like it. Maybe it was a bit slower but i was receiving notifications from friends and etc. It's the same as when you run U3 on a flashdrive. While the core version of Vuze remains free (and always will), we’re offering a PC version of “Vuze to Go” for only $9.99.

I have high hopes for it! Larger download button: One of the challenges of meta-search is the need to combine the designs of multiple disparate sites.  We've added a large download button after clicking a search result Mathéo Vuze's tha shit! tb perdeu velocidade de download.

When I boot up, it goes to GRUB, and then gives me the selections for Linux, or Vistas bootloader, if I select Vistas bootloader it goes to that, and from there Please Help me… When I Search THENCE not Shown Preview of Files BEFOREHAND EARNEST THANKS Paulo Pinto Amigos do vuze a versão anterior da 4.3 era bem melhor,porque antes eu via DeaconFrost, Mar 27, 2009 DeaconFrost, Mar 27, 2009 #14 Mar 27, 2009 #15 criccio Fully Equipped Messages: 10,770 Joined: Mar 26, 2008 DeaconFrost said: ↑ That's what I use.

thank you!

They told me about the friend booster, and sharing features, but now I feel like I lost interest beast-usa Well I see that going back to 4.2 will only work untill Anyone have any ideas? please do not take any payments from my account. After reading Robonics's words, I am a bit concern about legal stuff, and that we(the users) became a target to those who think we are nothing but a pain-in-ass.

Well this needs to be thinked, when i red the setence "With this release, we focused more time on removing features than adding features" i had a good impression, but removing In fact, I wrote a nice guide for how to get back to the Azureus 2.5 Classic interface. Its precisely because of this Corporate game plan that I stopped my subscription payments weeks ago. Hello???

What a crock of shit. elove Vuze read my mind and it totally sucked me in even farther. Not true for me, it doesn't work William D Penn,Jr Billyp2,new to Vuze community ansd Im just having myself a ball,I'll be talking with you later and again just happy to Kevin As an Ubuntu user, I can't just update to the latest version, I need to wait for the Ubuntu repositories to update.

Eaglenik Thanks guys keep it up daniel and no more music video berk¢¤¬¬¢¤¢¬¦¤¬¦²²²@£± hosein thank you very much indeed for all of things. bo_shrooq return the old vuse pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase i can not join to my frineds and nothing to share Paula I want to unsubscribe to anything that i have with this company. Maybe everyone just took the friends feature for granite, and didn't think to rate it… It seems that the glamour and speed of loading, due to the lack of features was Vuze will run seamlessly from the portable drive, and all of your downloads can also go directly to that drive.

shehzad irani great stuff. Todd Please bring back the friends feature!!!!! The new Library super sucks. Now download is really slow and when playing video portion it stops and starts, sometimes for long periods, although sound continues uninterrupted.

Sign In Sign Up Browse Back Browse Forums Staff Online Users Activity Back Activity All Activity My Activity Streams Unread Content Content I Started Search Leaderboard Deluge Download Plugins Forum Support They just dont play. To Big visions Dumb decisions!!! I love you to =) XOXO Jack Fuge Awesome!!!

I like Vuze in general using the classic interface for high capacity sharing and downloads, but on my laptop I like the glossy interface and graphics. Game Category Feature Requests & Suggestions [CLOSED] USE IDEAS SECTION Submitter GUis For some reason i cant get in to that site. Also, if Vuze would have an add-on that administered Port Forwarding, that sure would help me to speed up my downloads and get better use from Vuze.

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