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This seems to happen to most all browsers and at random times. We'll look at causes and possible solutions. Client ToolsDownload LogMeIn Remote Control Software Submit Testimonial Pay Your Invoice Download Proactive Alert Software Join Us Get Free Tech Tips by Email Email:*First Name:*Last Name:** indicates a required field. Tech The operating system, after all, should be a background player in the computing experience-a means to an end, with the end being web surfing, content editing, and wanton destruction in the click site

Makes sense, right? I just checked and there are 29 items in it currently, most of those from the past few weeks. Videos you’ve taken with your phone but never looked at since, your salivating collection of dessert photos, and the music albums that are so last year — all these files are Old comp had been updated from Win 7 to Win 8 and then Win 8.1.

Windows 10

In the window that appears type inĀ ~/Downloads. If this sounds like your computer, there is something you can do to improve its performance: Tidy up and reorganize. This allows you to easily select all of the jpeg files, for example, and drag them into iPhoto to add a copy to iPhoto, then delete them from the Downloads folder. Here's how to get started: 1.

However, if your tastes run more international-don't worry, we won't hold that against you-you can grab wallpapers for other regions from a hidden folder. New question? Is there a secure way to get web access on an airplane? Right-click cmd and select Run as Administrator.

Ask Leo! Hidden Icons can be dragged back into view, and you can hide icons by dragging them over the white triangle, and dropping them into the Hidden Icon well-much easier than working Reply Leo April 22, 2016 at 5:26 pm Yes. Is there a way to protect it?

To reveal hidden memory card slots, open My Computer. Welcome to the newly redesigned Security Resource center.Get easy access to articles, the Norton community, and links to product support and upgrades. You can switch from a single monitor to dual-display in either mirror or extend-desktop mode.AdvertisementWindows + Shift + Left and Windows + Shift + RightIf you're using two or more displays-and What are all these other pictures that appear when I view a picture from email?


I hear that YouTube and other sites may stop working on Internet Explorer 6. I have virus protection software, but I keep getting warnings saying my computer is at risk and needs antivirus protection. Windows 10 Most likely you'll see many files whose kind is Disk Image. Ccleaner Right-click the Taskbar and hit Properties.

I can see my bottom tool bar where I... I consider that downloading the current web page. Use the picture below as a guide. I'm always worried our laptop could be easily stolen. Malwarebytes

Please update your browser at Home U.S. Reply Nate April 21, 2016 at 2:26 pm Thanks and very helpful. If you run two or three apps simultaneously they must dance around one another as Windows constantly "swaps" part of their code and data between RAM and the hard drive, often You still get the peek-view thumbnail feature of the Taskbar, and inactive programs remain as single icons, but open programs will display their full names.Exile Programs to the System TrayAll active

If you like, you can check other items to be cleared at the same time, but we'll focus here on the cache. How do I prevent neighbors from getting onto my wireless Internet network and surfing the Web on my dime? Should I change to another browser?

Turn your computer off and re-check the connection if necessary.These are the most crucial BIOS options you want to tweak, but there's a lot of other stuff going on in there.

Sometimes there will be two or more, other times there will be none. Thank you, Leo, for what you do. I'm in a small office of 14 users and I don't advertise my expertise to the outside world as a side-business, other than helping family and friends with their occasional computer A friend told me their computer files locked up unless they typed their credit card information into a window.

These programs track your actions and inundate you with those annoying pop-up windows, so you want to get rid of them. If you’re a frequent Internet user, you'll be surprised at not only how many files are in there, but also by how much space you free up. Naturally, there's a little more to it than that. To see the Jump List for a program icon on the Taskbar, right-click the icon.

Are there more affordable alternatives? This report will notify you of anything in your computer that is keeping the CPU cycling, thus burning power and sucking notebook batteries dry. I could not find the the Advance Settings page to "clear browser data & the cache images & files. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

All rights reserved. Tyler, a technology journalist, says she straightens up her computer to keep it from getting bogged down with unnecessary clutter. "I clean out my documents, downloads and email attachment folders a Viewing a picture from email causes the email program to place that image on your hard disk, along side other pictures from other places. Friends tell me they never get junk email, but I get a lot.

However, if your PC has four 1GB modules installed for a total of 4GB with no empty slots, you'll need to remove two of the existing modules and replace them with If you want to know more about your BIOS options, our friends at the How-To Geek have a nice rundown of useful tweaks, so check that out when you have some This is an update to an article originally posted April 18, 2009 Read more:

Can I find my Hotmail mail on my machine somewhere? My 65-year-old retired mom has never been online before, and she wants to keep in touch with me and the kids via email.

You may only see the changes initially in private browsing or by clearing the cache. Am I going about this all wrong or what?...

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