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You can now access your favorites offline and add notes to them. Even production release got more builds ☹ 0 2 months ago Reply Ryujingt3 I am waiting too. Plus seems to be coping with busy web pages which would normally freeze up if you have five or six tabs open. You can try out the Mouse Gestures, Microsoft Translator and Reddit Enhancement Suite extensions today with more on the way. weblink

The next backup will over-write the app backup data as well. Also fixed an issue where when desktop icons were set to auto-arrange with a docked device and multiple monitors, undocking and docking the device could result in an unexpected desktop icon Sending my location via maps is quicker. For more information on Windows 10 for phones, go here.

Windows 10 Insider

This update is 5+GB.... And thats a pain.. Missing native 3D VR player abilities too. 0 2 months ago Reply 920Walker Installed without any issues, 650, US. After playing with the phone (lumia 950xl) for 30 minutes it went down to 42%.

Do u have outlook notifications and outlook live tile working? 0 2 months ago Reply anon(9106526) No update showing on my lumia650 in the UK . 1 2 months ago Reply Fixed an issue where brightness changes made via Settings > System > Display would unexpectedly revert after closing the Settings app. For more information on the updated Maps app for Windows 10 – check out this blog post from the Maps Team. well the 950XL has never been as good as my 1520 for battery life.  However, I use both sims..

The developers also applied this concept to the platform. 2 2 months ago Reply hellstrm_robert I have rolled back 5-6 builds ago. Believe it to the cpu resetting to avoid burn out due to process jamming at 100% 1 2 months ago Reply Dirk Heinrichs Installation worked fine. In this insider I cant using WhatsApp..... On some PCs, audio stops working sporadically with "device in use" error.

But still showing "Your device is up to date" 2 2 months ago Reply nmrajarajan Finally getting to know someone else with the same problem as me. 0 2 months ago Outlook and Office have been greatly improved over the Windows Phone 8.1 equivalents, and Cortana is now aligned with the desktop Windows 10 version. But build 10549 offers yet another complexity for testers to wrestle with: With this build, you have to upgrade from Windows Phone 8.1. This list includes a limited set of Windows Phone 8.1 devices and does not include some devices that are currently running Windows 10 Mobile in the Windows 10 Mobile Insider program. As

Windows 10 Latest Build

When using Microsoft Edge with Narrator, you may hear "no item in view" or silence while tabbing or using other navigation commands. i thought about this I hope there are some fixes for bluetooth and Cortana. Windows 10 Insider Microsoft is also making it possible for Windows Insiders to receive firmware upgrades for their devices more quickly, as the software giant is "eliminating the gap in time between when firmware Surface Phone The delivery timing of this update is evidence for the same being a leaked Insider build in disguise -- due to name and download size.Also, if Microsoft would've officially pushed out

If you want to type with left hand, bring one-handed touch keyboard to the left side. have a peek at these guys We fixed an issue where Settings would sometimes list unresolved app names under Extras. Restarting now just in case. 0 2 months ago Reply coolbreeze78 Where is the blue light filter? 0 2 months ago Reply tonye5 I'm in the fast ring, and my phone Calender is showing items and my whatsapp beta got updated from store so i dont think store items are not updating.all live tiles and notifications are working accept for outlook mail.

Battery life... Here are a few known issues for Feedback Hub to take note of: We have a bug where the Feedback Hub will crash right after submitting feedback if you launched Feedback So i had the same issue... Pinned Tabs in Microsoft Edge: Microsoft Edge now lets you pin tabs, making it super easy to keep your most-used sites and web apps always available.

I am getting frustrated because the updates worked pretty good. This Article has a component height of 2. Some of the advanced Wi-Fi settings have been merged in this build, and there’s a new power slider on select Windows 10 devices that you can use to improve battery life.

Fixes here and there nothing new, as usual. -1 2 months ago Reply Charles Goin Ditto when I no longer had my PIN screen and a QWERTY screen to log in

Judging by the features and bug fixes, I was hoping this update is less than 100MB... 0 2 months ago Reply kinaton VPN works fine in previous build. Store still not finding any updates; calendar still not showing my outlook account diary. But at the end a reboot and checking for updates soon after fixed... I've been in far ring the whole time and these builds are bringing a lot of bug fixes and overall minor enhancements.

I ended up going back to release Preview on my 950xl a couple months ago because it seemed like i was having to reset my phone every few weeks on fast You'd no longer be able to join the Insider community and install the next officially released build. Edge rotate now working Battery drain still not fix Apps randomly crashing SD card still not decrypting from earlier version. this content But I doubt if w10m will have any new feature from here. 6 2 months ago Reply user-774 Man.

Japanese Lined-mode Text Input Canvas: Now, you can have a new experience with the Japanese lined-mode Text Input Canvas. Improved speed of displaying HTTP images on live tiles (for example, the images used on the MSN News app live tile). Hope its fixed soon... 0 2 months ago Reply Andrea Comoglio Seems like candidate for slow ring before features 1 2 months ago Reply bawajose We do have our expectations high Sometimes the wait makes it too tempting to jump back to the fast ring. 1 2 months ago Reply spazinvader Fast ring is fast only in the name :-P 1 2

Insiders with certain devices, such as the Lumia 635 and 636, may not be able to manually change the brightness. Contact Us Recent HeadlinesMicrosoft's own figures show Windows 10 losing market share, while Windows 7 is on the riseInspect and optimize your Windows startup programs with StartEd LiteOLE 0day affects nearly Still same bugs, crap, freezes what it seens. Camera launches in 1 or 2 seconds.

That can cause them to not hear sounds that may be directed to the other earbud. We fixed an issue where clicking the suggested search in Microsoft Edge resulted in a URL to the search as the search string. So did WDR and went back to Slow build 14965 which is working fine.  Wondering whether to upgrade to this upgrade to this and like you wondering if this issue is Whatever.

Tagged with Windows 10 Mobile Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. I have reported and upvoted that so many times. Keyboard lag not fixed. The most peculiar thing about this update build is the fact that it hasn't been delivered with its usual naming characteristics.

I get error code 691 unless that's the code for timing out? 0 2 months ago Reply DreadVenom Update...just noticed that im able to edit urls once a site has loaded. Based on Insiders’ passionate feedback, Microsoft has adjusted the animation when lowering blue light to be a bit smoother. Microsoft delivers good news to those who have an Alcatel Onetouch Fierce XL, Blu Win HD LTE X150Q or Win HD W510U, or MCJ Madosma Q501, as these smartphones are now Improved Kanji input experience while using Continuum.

The Live tiles appear to be working. I use a few apps that are resource intensive.. Only downloads worked every time after a soft reset. 1 2 months ago Reply ALANMAN87 Anything you notice that doesn't work?

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